Image Source: Hellion Turbo

Image Source: Hellion Turbo

Only just a few months ago, we covered Melissa Urist’s twin turbocharged ’15 GT at the NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. At the time, Melissa was competing in the Henchmen Turbo Coyote Shootout - while husband and fellow crew member John Urist, was competing in the Street Outlaw class.

John and Melissa Urist are no strangers to Mustangs and how to make them even faster - as they’re the co-owners of Hellion Turbo out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

12010608_10152999843771059_1153240746997354279_oGRSince the release of the S550 chassis Mustang in late 2014, enthusiasts have widely debated the potential of the independent rear suspension (IRS) equipped in the sixth-generation Mustang. The only Mustang that came from the blue oval with an IRS setup prior to the ’15 and above model, was the ’99-’01 and ’03-’04 SVT Cobra - which unfortunately was not designed as the most capable unit, as it was plagued by wheel hop. However, thanks to companies like Steeda Autosports - sixth-generation Mustang owners now have options when it comes to the factory IRS setup. The bolt-on upgrades to the factory IRS, along with a new differential and some minor changes in boost, allowed Melissa to successfully run a 8.906 pass at 155.72 mph during the Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Other than those changes, Melissa continues to run the base Hellion Eliminator twin-turbo kit. The kit uses two Precision 55mm turbochargers at 25 pounds of boost. It’s also worth noting that the car still utilizes the factory power control module (PCM.)

With a run as quick as Melissa’s twin-turbocharged 5.0 is capable of, we can’t help but wonder to ourselves what’s next for the Hellion Turbo team’s orange beast. You can bet we’ll keep you updated.