Ford has a hit on its hands with the Mustang EcoBoost. While those not in the know, might groan at the idea of a Mustang that’s not outfitted with a V8, EcoBoost owners have quickly learned that this setup is no slouch. The crew over at recently helped their customer Manny make some significant progress with his 2015 Mustang EcoBoost.

Looking to personalize his car and make it faster, the crew at AmericanMuscle helped Manny achieve both of his goals. On the outside there’s plenty going on here. The MMD rear spoiler, new side splitters, and a lower grille delete that’s stuffed with a replacement front mount intercooler. Eibach sport line springs, new wheels, and custom touches throughout the exterior finish off the look. Then there’s that red window tint, a throwback to the 1990s, but it fits the red and white theme of the car.

Under the hood cp-e hot and cold charge pipes, along with a new blow off valve and a few of Manny’s custom touches in the paint department improve performance. An MBRP exhaust and cat-less mid-pipe help the stock turbo exhale. AmericanMuscle put the car on the dyno and updated the computer with a new Unleashed tune. Spinning the rollers, the car gained 110 horsepower and 140 torque. Power gains are huge under the curve, and the total output as measured at the rear wheels is 308 hp and 411 torque.

On the street, the Unleashed tune and the mods really shine. Manny says the drivability is like stock until you get into the throttle and unleash the power. EcoBoost engines love to make torque, often pulling V8-like numbers on the dyno, and it’s apparent here, AmericanMuscle’s Justin Dugan even comments how strong the car feels when the boost comes in.

AmericanMuscle has put together a full list of the mods on Manny’s EcoBoost, and any of these are a good parts to improve your new Mustang’s horsepower. Check out the list at this link, and keep watching, Manny says he’s not done yet, a new Turbo is in his future. We look forward to seeing that, and what kind of power he can crank out of his Mustang EcoBoost.