The 2015 Mustang has been on the street now for about 6 months. We’ve already seen dozens of cool builds with this car. While some builds are over the top, we have to say that there’s just something about a build with subtlety. LatemodelRestoration recently took on a build, that to us, looks like the pinnacle of 2015 Mustang performance, and daily driver friendliness, with good looks to match.

The build began with a 2015 Mustang Performance Pack in Guard. The guys at LatemodelRestoration quickly began working to get the car looking the part. One of the first things to change were the addition of a set of Eibach lowering springs, to bring the car back down to earth. The wheels were also upgraded to a set of Velgen 20-inch wheels.

With everything looking right in the appearance department, sound was next. Ford has never been one to offer a satisfyingly aggressive exhaust system on a Mustang GT from the factory. The guys raided the Ford Performance catalog and installed a new Sport Catback exhaust system. This gave the car the more traditional burble, without causing the exhaust to drone on the interstate.

With the car sounding right, the latest phase of the car has been to add a Ford Performance/Roush Phase 1 supercharger kit. This next generation Eaton TVS 2.3 based supercharger is capable of producing well over 600 hp at the flywheel. Final numbers with the supercharger on board were 546 hp and 496 lb-ft of torque at the rear tires.

You can check out the complete build at the LatemodelRestoration site, along with videos on every part of the build process.