The S197 Mustang continues to impress us. A few days ago, we showed you the Race Part Solutions 2013 Mustang V6 that is on it’s way to running 10’s in the quarter-mile. Since we’re all about having some Mustang diversity here, today we’re bringing you a cool video from the guys at V6MustangPerformance, of their project car on the track at Road America.

The ProCharger supercharged 3.7 has no trouble keeping up with the V8 cars as they make laps around the track. The car also features a few Kenny Brown Performance rear suspension mods, Eibach Springs, Weld RTS wheels, a SPEC clutch, Nitto Tires, and EBC brakes.

Watching the video, the action is pretty impressive, straight-away speeds get into the 140 mph neighborhood, and they even manage to reel in and pass several cars going slower, hitting a best lap time of 2:55. That’s not too shabby when you consider that many exotic cars are making laps only 10-20 seconds faster.

With the EBC brake pads getting more than a little warm V6MP reports the car had no problems with brake fade, and the KB suspension mods made a big difference in the car’s handling.

Check out the video, the car even sounds pretty good making it’s way around the track. While the video is long it was well edited, changing camera angles, and skipping through to the action, we could watch it all day.

All of this V6 attention we’re finding lately is giving ideas for some cheap track fun, what do you think, would you have a V6 Mustang to build a track toy or fun daily driver with?