We think it is safe to say that Ken Block, King of Gymkhana, is a bit of a daredevil. The man may have launched his career with a shoe company, but Block has become famous for the way he drives. That is to say, he drives like he doesn’t give a damn, and has gotten a lot of YouTube hits as a result.

So this next video, from Ken Blocks “Ain’t Care” files, does not really surprise us in the least. At the 2012 SEMA Show, Ken Block was racing in the next round of the Global Rally Cross Championship, when in the middle of racing his Fiesta H.F.H.V. caught fire. But that didn’t stop Block.

Block qualified in first place for the race, and once the race was underway he led for the first 5 laps. The first problems appeared in lap 2, where some smoke appeared, but Ken Block kept on racing. Hoonigans don’t care after all.

The smoke continued building up in Block’s Fiesta until around lap 5 the fire finally makes itself known. Yet Block continues racing, even as his transmission tunnel, ECU, and leg catch on fire. Only when the Fiesta refused to continue racing did Block finally call it quits.

Say what you will about Ken Block and Gymkhana…but the man seems ready to literally race through hell to win.