It wasn’t that long ago that Ken Block was driving a Subaru WRX around an abandoned airport in the desert as part of a low-bucks video shoot called Gymkhana. The success of the Gymkhana videos rocketed Block to international fame, and Ford hired him on to be their Hoonigan ambassador for the brand.

Block’s latest field trip was to Siberia, the frozen northern part of Russia, where he was outfitted with a bunch of GoPro Hero2 HD cameras to capture his shenanigans for the rest of the world to enjoy.

The GoPro cameras have proven nearly as popular as Ken Block thanks to their durability, affordability, and stunning video quality. Anybody can look like a hero on one of these cameras, though Block shows us that it takes more than a little skill to handle the 600 horsepower Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle that is his ride.

Without the many professional-grade cameras Block is used to having film him, it was all up to these Hero2 cameras to capture the action as Block weaves through the winter wonderland. Eventually he ends up on a ski resort, going toe-to-toe with professional boarders and skiers and tossing the snow around like his H.F.H.V. belongs there.

This is just another example of how Ken Block has turned Hooning into a full-time career. What international location should he hit for his next video?