When the order banks opened up for the new 2017 Ford GT early last year, many of us were interested in finding out if legendary comedian and car collector extraordinaire Jay Leno would be one of the first 500 applicants around the world to be selected to receive Ford’s new supercar.

Ford made it clear from the start that if you wanted to even to be considered to join the short list of prospective buyers, you either needed to be a current or previous Ford GT owner, or a loyal Ford fan that had every intention of putting some miles on the car.

Ford GT

In this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay introduces us to his brand new 2017 Ford GT. We get an inside look at the passion Jay has for not only this iconic supercar but also the dedication it took the team at Ford Performance to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans 50 years after the first win at Le Mans.

This car was truly build to get out enjoy and not spend the majority of its life it the safety of your garage!

So when Jay announced on his YouTube channel that he had taken delivery of his brand new 2017 Ford GT this month, we knew the iconic Ford Performance vehicle would be in good hands.

But more importantly, we knew that Jay would have no problem sharing his driving experiences with the new Blue Oval supercar to the millions of Jay Leno’s Garage fans around the world.


And what better place to debut his Ford GT with Shadow Black paint and Competition Orange Racing stripes than on a special episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. Just as Ford had anticipated. Nicely done Jay, nicely done.

If you are a fan of Jay’s Leno’s Garage, then you know that Jay is all about getting behind the wheel of his massive car collection and enjoying them on the open road. And with his new Ford GT, this is no exception.

In fact, Jay has just released the second video which gives fans a look at how he plans on protecting the paint on his $500,000 investment during these road trips as well. The video features Ryan Tounsley of Protective Film Solutions, and it walks us through how his team installs their protective film wrap on the Ford GT’s paint and windshield.

What makes this protective system unique is that it is a pre-cut system which is applied directly to the areas that take the most abuse. Protective Film Solutions was flown out to Detriot to get their hands on a pre-production Ford GT to take all the measurements before applying the protective wrap on Jay’s vehicle.

Adding a protective wrap to an exotic vehicle like the Ford GT is a smart investment, and for owners who plan on putting some solid miles on their new Ford GT, like Mr. Jay Leno, it gives them that extra piece of mind to get out and enjoy their expensive new toys.