The Ford Mustang is among the most widely-modified vehicles in the long history of the automobile, and today’s vibrant aftermarket has come up with and endless list of ways for you to make your Mustang your own. We’re not just talking about superchargers and dropped suspensions either, as some of the most clever modifications do nothing for the Mustang’s performance at all.

4th-light-2We’re particularly smitten with the new fourth brake light module for 2015-16 Ford Mustangs, giving the rear of your Ford a more lighted symmetrical look every time you hit the brakes. Even better, it’s a quick and easy install that won’t break the bank either as CJ Pony Parts demonstrates in the above video.

Installation doesn’t require any tools more complicated than a screwdriver, and the electric connections are all plug-and-play. The fourth brake light will also work with the tail light sequencer that CJ also sells (the brake light and sequencer are made by the same company), and thanks to the inclusion of a “switchback bulb”, you won’t lose the rear white backup light either. Instead, the system will be able to seamlessly switch between the red and white bulbs, adding a nifty look to the back of your Mustang.

The rear brake light module only works for 2015-16 model year Mustangs, but at $80 it’s surprisingly affordable. It also won’t take more than twenty minutes of your time to install, tops, while making the rear of the S550 look a lot more symmetrical and, dare we say, European. It may not add any horsepower, but it adds a lot to the exterior aesthetics of the popular pony car.