Somewhere in Germany, there is a newly-built car showroom with newly refinished floors. You might wonder why the floors are refinished and, frankly, so do we. For sure, the laminated hardwood look isn’t for everyone but this might be more about adding ‘character’ than anything else.

Without any explanation, the video below was posted on YouTube. Boredom is a terrible thing - perhaps these folks need to spend more time on In the video, we can see that somebody, in a Shelby Cobra replica starts doing donuts around a column inside what appears to be a newly built commercial reception or showroom space.

A lot depends on your interpretation of the word “Wohnzimmer,” which can be taken as living room, sitting room, parlor or lounge. However you take it, the car control skills demonstrated are to be admired. While we’re not sure of the end result, there’s probably a job waiting for this person as a zamboni driver on this side of the ocean.