We all know people that have cars they’ve bought or restored and for some reason, never drive them. It’s sad to see all of that work go into restoring or building a car only to have it sit in the garage until the seals dry up and the tires get dry-rotted before it’s even seen more than a couple hundred miles! QA1 suspension wants to stop that from happening, and is encouraging everyone to get some road time on their old cars!

Whether you're cruising in a '50s wagon, a mild hot rod Chevelle, or a full on Pro Streeter, take it out on the road!

The #goDRIVEit campaign is all about getting classics out on the road. We love this idea. We love driving our classics, and we love seeing other classics on the road. The video tells us about the campaign, but it doesn’t give the full story. That’s why we talked to Dave Kass, the man in the video, and QA1’s customer service manager, to get the full story on the campaign.

Dave's truck is a little rough around the edges, but he likes it that way.

Dave’s truck is the C10 featured in the video, and he told us how that was part of what got this whole campaign rolling. “I was talking to someone about a really nice car they have and it was getting close to time to put the cars away for the year,” Dave told us. Dave’s put quite a few miles on his truck, while the person he was talking to hadn’t driven his car that much at all. “He told me that he feels bad about driving it, he is worried about rock chips and things like that.”


“If people don’t see these cars, the hobby will die,” explained Dave. “If we keep hiding these cars and storing them away, it’s not doing them any justice. Just get these cars out there and drive them!” Dave drives his truck as much as possible, and has built himself the perfect foundation for a long term, build-as-you-drive project.

The truck's a true driver through and though. It's not a concour-worthy show vehicle, and that's just how Dave likes it.

He has owned the truck for about four years now, and he had been looking for a ’67 through ’72 C10 for a couple of years when he finally found this one. Part of what made it so hard to find was that he wanted a short bed. But as you can imagine, those are scarce in Minnesota, because they all rust out so bad. “This one was on Craigslist and was in overall good shape,” he said, “so I bought it.”


Dave built it with the #goDRIVEit spirit in mind long before the campaign was in action. It has a 350 cubic-inch engine and a turbo 350 transmission. But in the interest of safety, he’s moved the fuel tank to the back of the truck, and it’s running an Aeromotive 340 in-tank fuel pump to adequately feed the FiTech injection system fueling the truck. “Having fuel injection really allows you to put more reliable miles on the vehicle.” That’s what it’s all about, driving the truck.


In a big way, Dave really represents the #goDRIVEit spirit. He is driving his truck as he works on it, he tackles little projects one at a time so it’s not taken apart over the long term, and he isn’t afraid to put the extra road time on his classic. It was built to drive and that’s what he is using it for.

These are best enjoyed in the sun and on the highway instead of in the dark and out of sight!

So whatever you’ve got, just drive it! That’s what the hobby is all about and that’s what this campaign is all about too. “It’s kind of fun, because this isn’t a big marketing campaign,” Dave explained. “It’s more of a passive call to action or PSA or whatever you want to call it, designed to motivate the whole automotive community to get out there and drive their cars.”


A fully restored car should be driven as much as one that’s a survivor. All that time and effort into repairs deserves to be put to good use! You didn’t build it to look at in your garage. If you did, why’d you spend all that money on the engine?

With the summer driving season upon us, we know that we’ll be out cruising in our classics, and we suggest you do the same. It’s important to get these cars out on the open road so that we can inspire the next generation to love these cars the way that we do. Get out there; take it to shows, take it to the grocery store, take your classic wherever it is that you drive.