Summer 2017 is now in full swing, and many car enthusiasts across the country are out enjoying the warm weather working on their builds. Not every car guy or girl has the means to take their builds to a big-name shop to install that new exhaust, cold air intake, or beefy new sway bar kit on their project vehicles. Fortunately, many of these bolt-on upgrades can be installed at home with the use of some simple tools and a reliable set of jack stands.


The Gibson Performance full 3-inch exhaust system features stainless steel SuperFlow mufflers with integrated CFT technology and dual, 4.5-inch, intercooled stainless steel tips. (Photo Credit: Gibson Performance)

In fact, many enthusiasts wouldn’t have it any other way. Installing that new performance part on a Saturday morning out of your home garage or driveway is half the fun, right?

Gibson 3-inch Exhaust Features

• Gains of 32 horsepower and 34 lb-ft of torque
• 4.5-inch, intercooled stainless steel tips
• 3-inch, equal-length X-pipe
• Dual SuperFlow mufflers
• 3-inch, mandrel-bent tubing

• American-made

• Lifetime warranty

While many install videos on YouTube take place in garages with full hydraulic lifts and tool sets that probably cost more than your entire ride, we found a cool video that not only shows you how easy it is to install bolt on performance yourself, but is also easy on the eyes.

The video above is from The Speed Girls host Kristen Benavides. Watch as she walks us through how easy it is to install a Gibson Performance cat-back exhaust system on a 2015+ Mustang by using a set of jack stands and hand tools that most car guys already have in their home tool kits.

Now we know that for the sake of providing viewers with a quality video, the install takes place in a well-lit garage setting. But if you take a second to analyze the video, you will see that Kristen is not only installing the Gibson Exhaust system herself, but she is using a simple set of everyday tools.

These Gibson systems are available with ceramic black (PN 619013-B) or stainless steel tips (PN 619013) and you can visit the company’s official site here to learn more.