There are two ways to use the word ‘almost.’ Either you almost had it, saved it, made it, etc, or you almost died trying to save it, make it, or have it. Of course, it is said ‘almost’ only counts in horseshoes or hand grenades. In those cases, when you almost hit your target dead on, it counts.

In the case of this Shelby GT500 driver at Hockenheim, the term ‘almost’ comes to mind because he almost wads it up coming in too hot. Perhaps not knowing the track’s layout, or a sorry navigator, lead to a panic spin to avoid going straight into the wall, or using the other car as brakes.

The Shelby GT500 driver uses the slide to scrub off speed, and bring the car to a halt on the track, instead of the track’s tire wall. And what else can you do but say a few cuss words after a save like that?! We can’t be certain, but after viewing the video several times, it seems like this driver indicates a problem early on, almost as soon as he starts to set up for his braking point, or even gets to it. Without further information from the driver, or the video channel owner, we’re lead to assume that the car experienced some type of braking failure due to the lack of appreciable nose dive, and the audio. Whether that was boiled brake fluid, improper pads, or something else, we can’t say.

A concrete barrier is not the view you want when doing an open track outing.

A concrete barrier is not the view you want when doing an open track outing.

This video also illustrates the importance of knowing a track’s layout intimately before going full throttle, especially on a long straightaway leading into a corner. It also brings to mind the need to make sure your safety equipment is in place, and more important, fully-operational, especially having the right brakes. You never know when you’re going to need it. However, perhaps the most important part this driver displayed is a cool head. Practice makes perfect, and preparation and experience helps to keep you from panicking under pressure.