Greenwood, South Carolina no-time racer Anthony Sellers went for an intense ride recently at the Middle Georgia Motorsports Park when the throttle hung on his turbocharged Fox body Mustang, all of which was captured by the camera of videographer Justin Malcolm.

While on a solo test hit in his Mustang at the Jeffersonville, Georgia 1/8-mile facility, Sellers’ throttle hung open at the stripe — instinctively, he put the car into the guardrail to try scrubbing off speed. Sellers released the parachute but was unable to kill the ignition or slow the cars’ progress as it continued to gain speed, shrouded by a cloud of dust from the starting line as it ran along the concrete guardrail the length of the shutdown area.

Photo credit: Bridgett Oharold/Facebook

Still under power and moving at a steady clip, the car struck the angled wall and tire barrier at the track’s terminus and quickly flipped once, coming back to rest on all fours. Sellars was able to quickly climb from the car, which caught fire and briefly burned in the engine bay as rescue personnel arrived.

By the following day, Sellars and his friends had already returned home and fully stripped the battered and charred Mustang to begin making repairs, vowing to return to action following the unfortunate incident.