The ’15 Mustang has been on the streets for a few months now, and already we’re seeing various outfits unlock the secrets of the latest Mustang. One of the first to market with 2015 Mustang exhaust was Gibson Performance Exhaust.

Gibson released a video of a ’15 Mustang on the dyno, wearing their all new cat-back exhaust, just about the time the cars started hitting the streets. Our pals over at LateModelRestoration, recently had a chance to install this system and see not only how it sounds, but also strap the otherwise stock Mustang GT to the dyno and get some independent test numbers.

The system is avaialable in bright stainless or black ceramic finish.

We’ve covered a few videos on installing exhaust on the S550, and we’re not going to go into it with this particular story, except to say that these cars are exceptionally easy to upgrade. A few bolts, and the entire cat-back drops out. No snaking over the axle, and no cutting out the old pipes.

Left: Stock Right: See how much better the larger tips on the Gibson system fill the rear valance.

Gibson’s system is a direct bolt-on, and the sound is a dramatic improvement over the stock ’15 GT, which we didn’t think sounded too bad, until we heard this one. The Gibson system gives the car a deep tone and aggressive attitude. The made in the USA system uses 3-inch mandrel bent, stainless tubing, and comes with 4.5-inch exhaust tips fill out the big gaps in the stock rear valance. It’s available in bright stainless steel finish, part number 619013, for those who love shiny pipes, or black ceramic, part number 619013-B, for a stealthy appearance.

On the dyno, the ’15 GT put down 391.11 hp and 369.82 ft-lbs of torque. When the car was brand new it pulled 375 hp 358 torque on LateModelRestoration’s in-house Dynojet. That’s a bump of 16 hp and 11 ft-lbs. Seldom have we seen any Mustang pick up this much power from exhaust modifications, the 2015 seems to respond well to bolt-ons, and that’s great news for enthusiasts.

LateModelRestoration has these kits available for sale now. For other Gibson products, be sure to check out their web-site.