Wurm with his first Mustang.

In the United States we have it pretty good in terms of muscle and performance cars, as well as access to parts for those, whether for repair, upgrade, or restoration. In other places, like Europe the Mustang has a niche following and is a rare vehicle to spot anywhere.

For one German man though, the Mustang has turned into a lifelong passion. Ralf Wurm, has gone from simply being passionate about Mustangs to making a living off them. Wurm’s adventures in the Mustang world started with a Mustang II thirty years ago, and like many in the business, he had no idea that owning this car would set his life on track to something special.

Wurm is the focus of the latest video in the Ford Mustang Countdown video series. His passion for the cars is obvious and he notes how when he bought his first Mustang it was so much different than the other cars in Germany. “The sound was different from the sound of German cars, how to sit in it was different,” says Wurm.

Left: Wurm uses his knowledge to help others buy the right Mustang for them. Right: Wurm says his office is a Mustang shrine.

Today Wurm spends time restoring and repairing Mustangs. He also helps other enthusiasts inspect Mustangs that they’re looking to purchase. Experts on classic Mustangs are rare in Europe, and with 30 years experience Wurm can spot many of the minor details that may indicate repairs, or non-original parts. This is a valuable service to buyers in a market where experts are hard to come by.

Wurm’s personal car is a 1969 GT500 that he has completely restored. He comments that cars like this were meant to be driven, something we’re glad to see him do with a car that is even more rare in Germany than it is in the USA. Our favorite quote from Wurm though has to be “When you open your garage you should always have a smile when you see your Mustang.” We couldn’t agree more with Wurm’s statement, check out the video and share your Mustang story with us below.