Car enthusiasts go to the test their car on the dyno for one of two reasons. Either they want to tune the car to perfection, or they’re interested in how much horsepower they’re cranking out. While one would think the dyno would be a safe place to put your car, when it comes to high-horsepower cars, anything can happen anywhere. It just happens to be more entertaining when cars blow themselves up on the dyno.

Well, entertaining for us at least. For the owner of this Fox-body Mustang that catches fire on the dyno, we are sure this sight was anything but hilarious. We can’t imagine what it must be like to see your pride and joy go up in flames.

There is no context for what happened in this video, no explanation for the engine suddenly catching fire. Judging by the way the Mustang suddenly lit up, and the way the fire seemed to be on both sides of the engine, we’re thinking it could have to do with the turbocharger system and the oil-cooling lines. That would explain the widespread nature of the blaze.

Amazingly, the gathered crowd actually starts to cheer, and the guys working on the Mustang don’t seem all that fazed. While the fire quickly burns itself out, those flames were big enough to do some serious damage, especially to the wiring harness and cooling lines. But it is good to know that some people can watch another person’s car catch on fire, and take it all in stride.