We’re pleased to report that Ford Racing has remembered the 4.6 fans out there driving 1996-2010 Mustangs, with 4.6 engines. They’ve released the new Aluminatorr 46x 5.0 short-block aimed directly at that market.

This short-block is built tough, with all forged internals, making use of an Eagle forged steel crankshaft with a 3.75-inch stroke, and Eagle 5.85-inch forged steel H-beam rods with ARP 2000 bolts. Mahle 90.1mm forged aluminum pistons with a 10cc dish are compatible with any 4.6 cylinder head two, three, or four-valve. With a two-valve PI head this engine will yield a compression ratio of 10.8:1, three-valve setups can count on 9.8:1, and four valve heads will net a compression ratio of 9.6:1. The entire rotating assembly is neutral balanced, and the crank accepts an eight-bolt flywheel.

The block is based on a 4.6 Mustang core, and it is machined and then coated with a high gloss silver finish. The cylinder bores are 0.5mm over stock and with the rotating assmebly provide 5.0 liters of displacement. The short-block is rated for 700-plus horsepower.

The 46x is ready for naturally aspirated or forced induction setups. Like many of Ford’s other high-end crate engines, this is not a leftover engine that has been converted, the 46x is hand built specifically for the crate engine line. Adding to it’s versatility it can accept 2, 3, or 4-valve heads, giving it wide appeal to the 14 years of 4.6 liter engine equipped Mustangs out there.

In dyno testing Ford ran a few different scenarios on this engine to see what kind of results readily available and popular parts the engine would produce. With production PI heads, and intake, as well as TFS camshafts with 228/238 duration at .550-inch lift the engine made 369 hp, and 393 ft-lbs.

A “hot three-valve” setup with Ford Racing three-valve ported heads, FR M-9424-463V intake manifold, and M-6550-3V FR Hot Rod Cams netted 440 hp, and 435 ft-lbs torque. Replacing the FR intake with a 2.3 liter superhcarger this combination screamed to 748 hp, and 667 ft-lbs.

While the Coyote engine may be the latest rage within the aftermarket it’s nice to know Ford hasn’t forgotten all the enthusiasts out there with 4.6 engines either.