Today is a big day for the Ford Motor Company in Europe. At a company launch event in Amsterdam, the Blue Oval is launching a veritable product blitz of new and updated 2013 models. Among these is a face-lifted Fiesta subcompact, the news that both the Ford Edge and South American-market EcoSport will head to European shores, and a three-cylinder EcoBoost engine option for the Mondeo (known stateside as the Fusion) sedan.

But for us performance car enthusiasts, there is only one Ford vehicle that matters; the Mustang. And today Ford announced that the Mustang would be returned to Europe after an extended hiatus…and they included this neat “launch video” to get the Old World excited about American muscle.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally was on hand to make the announcement himself, and while he didn’t go into details, he has confirmed what many people already suspected; the next-genation Mustang will indeed be a “world car.” The Mustang will be sold in America, of course, but it will also make it to European shores, and if the rumors turn out to be true, the next Mustang will appeal to European sensibilities.

This includes a new 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine, an independent rear-suspension, and a bold new look that leaves “retro” in the rearview mirror. Under the One Ford plan, there are no more sacred cows; all Blue Oval products will be sold in nearly every market, with a lot of platform sharing between different models.

This includes the Mustang, and Ford’s confirmation that it will be taking a European staycation lends credence to the many other rumors we’ve heard. Get excited folks, the days are counting down to a brand new Mustang.