Building any race car is an incredible feat, but building a rallycross car designed to handle insane off-road trails and perfect track conditions equally well is a special kind of challenge. For years now, Ford has turned to the petrolheads of OlsbergsMSE to produce the best world-class rally cars bearing the Blue Oval, and we got a sneak peek into how they test these wicked machines.

st-snow-1With just 81 days to go before the first race of the 2014 RallyCross season, OlsbergsMSE brought the Fiesta ST RallyCross car out for a day of testing in northern Sweden, just 200 miles from the Arctic Circle. That poor snowman never stood a chance.

st-snow-2A car like this needs to be tough but agile, fast but easy to control, and the drivers at the wheel have to have supreme confidence in themselves and their comrades. That’s why we see the Fiesta ST doing donuts around Patrik Sandell and Andreas Bakkerud, two of Ford’s rally drivers who seem to be having a pleasant enough chat as a 400 horsepower Fiesta circles them like a hungry shark.

Add in some creative editing, a lot of frozen white stuff, and an unfortunate snowman, and you’ve got a killer video that is sure to both inspire fans and intimidate competitors. The little Fiesta ST is proving to be quite the performance car, and we can’t wait to see it kick butt in the Global RallyCross Championship in T-minus 80 days.