1969 Shelby GT500 428 Drag PackRamblinAround recently had the pleasure of getting behind the wheel of this 1969 Shelby GT500 428 Super Cobra Jet Drag Pack. This bright Yellow stallion is only one of 173 Drag Pack Shelby Cobras ever constructed. The car was built to compete against the mighty Hemi Mopars and the crazy Chevys in Super Stock Drag Racing.

Propelling the GT500 down the track is a roaring 428 engine. This engine was considered the bread and butter of all performance engines in the late 60’s. This is because the 428 was the blue collar man’s performance option as it was cheaper than a big block GM or Mopar engine. In the late 1960’s Ford’s 428 dominated the Super Stock Drag Racing field.

1969 Shelby GT500 428 Drag Pack mustangThe 428 is stated to produce 335 horsepower though it’s believed that it produces closer to 500. The 428 is tied to a T-10 four speed manual transmission which runs to Ford’s rugged 9-inch rear end. This rear is equipped with the Drag Pack 3.91 Traction Loc-Differential which easily lights up the tires.

The engine produces plenty of power and has a ferocious wail like a banshee.

The interior is all original, save for the new carpet which covers the floor. Black Clarion knit vinyl front seats, Sport Deck rear seats, a wood grain dash and a working AM radio make up the cockpit. The Stang sits on a competition suspension and it’s halted quickly thanks to disc brakes at all four corners.

Unless you're in the cockpit, the rear is the only view you will see.

With it’s pristine yellow paint job, black racing stripes, and intimidating looks, this stallion was born to tear up the strip. The car is an all original factory correct Shelby GT500 that has been restored to Shelby Gold Award Status. The car has 17,000 original miles making it a survivor from the Super Stock era.

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