An incredible car which once graced our pages recently made a splash with the popular YouTube channel TheHoonigans. Typically, it’s Formula D drivers who grace TheHoonigan’s front lot with clouds of tire smoke, donuts, and some frightening displays of driving that are more reminiscent of BMX riding than drifting.

Power Automedia’s former Editorial Director Mark Gearhart, who documented this car’s build process here, stopped by TheHoonigans’ shop to show off his wares. Clearly one of the wildest creations to visit their rubber-laden lot since the RingBrothers stopped by, which definitely is saying something, this 2,400-pound Factory Five Cobra had the whole crew’s jaws on the floor.

It’s a modern classic with the seamless interaction of new and old components, and the carbon aero pieces gel well with the classic lines. The fit and finish is stunning and quite high-quality for such an affordable kit car. While the carbon accents, the spartan interior, and the NASA-spec rollcage keep the fans entertained, it’s the powerplant which turns the greatest number of heads.


The 5.1-liter Coyote, on “toned-down” 12:1 compression, makes a staggering 538 wheel horsepower at a stratospheric 8,200 revs. Though it’s obviously a rev-happy motor, the low-end torque is still enough to snap necks and break a few components.

The broad CCW hybrid wheels, shod in Toyo Proxes R888R, provide loads of stick and one aggressively dumped clutch was enough to make a mess. Fortunately, “[TheHoonigans] were willing to do whatever it took to help out after the incident. One of the employees even offered to tow it home for me the next day,” remarks Gearhart. Nice to know he was in good company; their enthusiasm is matched by their sympathy. Watch for one of the more surprising smoke shows to take place on TheHoonigan’s lot.