We’ll go ahead and put this in the “Don’t Try This At Home” category, but we since the deed is done we had to share it. We recently found this video of the AV Boys, and their Grey Mare Mustang taking on a twin turbo Porsche, on the street. We’ll go ahead and say it now, we don’t necessarily condone this type of racing, and will tell all of you reading this, please keep it on the track, where you won’t get locked up, and the people watching are much less likely to get hurt.

Left: The Grey Mare is pretty unassuming looking, and could almost be any Fox-body on the street, anywhere in the country. Right: The Porsche on the other hand is much more exclusive, and many of us probably wouldn't take on at a stop light.

Regardless of that, it’s pretty cool to see a Fox-body taking on a car that cost more than many middle-class American homes. The only details we have on the ‘Stang are that it’s a small block Ford with a T-5. The part about the engine might be right, but we’re not so sure on the trans, as you’ll see in the video. Then again, without inspecting the car who are we to say either way, we’ll just have to take their word for it.

The Mustang gives the Porsche one and the go, which for those not familiar with street racing, the Porsche gets to start one car length in front of the Mustang and gets to launch the car, there is no arm waiving or other means to signal the start, it’s just whenever the Porsche starts moving.

It’s a surprising wheels up launch for the unassuming looking Grey Mayer

In something that looks like a scene out of a Fast and Furious movie, the Stang launches and immediately nearly stands on the bumper, with the driver banging second gear while the windshield is still pointed at the stars. The second camera angle reveals that it was all over for the Porsche by the time the Mustang banged third as the Grey Mare easily overtakes it’s competition.

Once again we’ll say that we don’t condone this type of racing anywhere, period. However, it is still very cool to see what looks to be a worn Fox-body (on the outside) take on some of the best the world has to offer.