The Ford Mustang Cobra Jet is, as most of you know, a true factory-built race car. Just like their street-going brethren, the drag racing-intended Cobra Jet is built on an assembly line at the very same AutoAlliance International Plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, albeit in much more limited numbers (only 50 are being built this year). With so few cars available, the demand is naturally quite high. But there is another way to get yourself into a “Cobra Jet”, albeit a far more time-consuming way.

Image credit: George Wright Racing

NHRA Division 3 Stock Eliminator racer Jimmy Ronzello recently had the finishing touches put on a brand new 2012 Cobra Jet replica, based around a body-in-white kit from Ford Racing, at George Wright Racing in Carleton, Mich. Ford Racing makes available a wide range of original Cobra Jet components, from chassis components and wheels to the electronics, body parts and graphics, engines and engine components, the fuel system, and more, allowing one to virtually re-create the Cobra Jet down to the last nut and bolt; minus the official Cobra Jet VIN tag, of course. And that’s exactly what Ronzello and George Wright Racing have done with this new ride.

Ronzello and company created a time lapse of the entire construction process on the car from start to finish, from the body-in-white shell to Jimmy driving the race-ready mount out the door. The exact timetable for the construction is unconfirmed, but you’ll notice in the video that those working in the car begin in jeans and sweatshirts and conclude in shorts and a tee shirt.

The time lapse is a little over 11 minutes long, but its certainly interesting to see the build-up of a replica Cobra Jet from start to finish.