For over 35 years, COMP Cams has been dedicated to bringing their customers products that improve the performance of their vehicles, as well as the very latest technology. But COMP goes above and beyond what most companies pass off as “service.” In addition to the help you can receive through their tech line, COMP offers technical information on a variety of vehicle models and engines, as well as specs on valve train components through their website. They even have a neat feature where you can hear the different camshafts COMP offers.

In addition to all this valuable information, COMP Cams also provides a line of videos called COMP Cams Technology Explained. In these videos, you can find information on practically everything you will ever need to know about valve train components. In the latest video, COMP Cams Valve Train Engineering Group Leader Billy Godbold talks about Variable Valve Timing and how phaser limiter technology can help you get the most out of your camshaft. Check it out above.

If you want optimal performance from your street or race car, Variable Valve Timing (VVT) is important. Tremendous gains can be made at the ends of your torque curve with a VVT system, allowing you to have more torque at the low rpm range and more horsepower at the high rpm range. A VVT system is a great way to say goodbye to your car running out of engine or taking a little too long to get to the power you want.

COMP Cams’ phaser limiters are a great choice in VVT systems when used with aftermarket camshafts. These limiters will allow you to run bigger camshafts over a smaller, more precise range (about a 20-degree window rather than a 50 or 60-degree window), giving you an approximate gain of 15ft-lbs of torque at the low end and 15hp at the high end. You know how important just a little improvement in horsepower and torque can be, so check out the COMP Cams Technology Explained video above and see what you could gain by running phaser limiter technology on your Ford.