Comedian Tim Allen is known for being an avid gearhead. And, it’s no secret that inside his garage in Los Angeles, California, the Detroit native has an impressive collection of American performance cars. This month, Tim added another special ride to his stable — a 2017 Ford GT.

He surprised his fans by uploading a video showcasing the newest addition to his car collection; the Ingot Silver supercar. Tim’s GT is one of the first cars we seen delivered in this particular color combo.

It’s not like anything else I have ever driven. — Tim Allen

What makes this combo so unique is that instead of adding the popular stripe package or heritage badging, Tim chose to order his new Ford GT with the solid silver exterior paint with gloss black carbon-fiber accents. He also selected the 20-inch carbon-fiber wheels with the black lug nut option and added the blue Brembo brake calipers to complete the look.

The result is a visual combination that genuinely accents the Ford GT’s aerodynamic features and looks absolutely stunning in the four-minute video above, titled “Meet GT.” Ford GT

The clip shows the delivery of Tim’s newest toy to his garage in SoCal. In true Tim Allen fashion, the video features a comic twist as he gives viewers a quick walk-around of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The remainder of the video takes place inside the vehicle and viewers can watch as Tim comically critiques the details of his new prized possession. The Ford GT’s adjustable ride height, storage space (or lack thereof), and responsiveness are all reviewed as if we were along for the ride.

“It’s not like anything else I have ever driven,” Tim said. “It feels like a race car for the street more than anything I have ever driven.”

While the comedic clip might not be for everybody, it does give Ford GT fans a chance to see another example of how lucky owners are customizing their rides to fit their personal styles. And after watching the video, it’s clear Mr. Allen picked the perfect combo to match his style.