One of the biggest gripes we continually hear about the 2015 Mustang is its ride height. We have to agree, while Ford did a great job on the chassis, the ride height has pickup truck-like wheel gaps, especially on the front.

Lowering springs have been a popular modification for Mustang owners for years. Getting your ride height right not only looks better, but it can also improve the handling of your Mustang. Ford Racing has offered Mustang lowering springs since the Fox body days, and CJ Pony Parts recently got its hands on a set to install on a 2015 Mustang GT convertible.

In the video above, CJ’s Mustang expert Bill Tumas takes us through the process step by step of swapping out the front and rear springs on this new Mustang. While a MacPherson strut arrangement up front, and a IRS suspension in the rear might make this install sound daunting, the truth is that its still something most competent enthusiasts can handle at home. The only specialized tool needed here is a spring compressor for the front struts, if you don’t’ have one, you can rent one from most parts stores.

Tumas says that the installation should take around two hours, and this 15 minute video serves as an outstanding guide, showing the shortcuts and steps necessary to perform the install. Following these steps will keep you from taking too much apart, and allow the installation of a set of Ford Racing, or any other type of springs you decide to install on your 2015 Mustang, to be installed with minimal hassle.

CJ Pony Parts has the Ford Racing 2015 Mustang lowering springs available now. The end result of this install is a ’15 GT that sits properly. With better wheel gaps, in a package that was engineered by Ford, and parts that were made in the USA.