All Images Courtesy: Saud Alzabin

There are a few directions you can turn if you’re going to build a brand-spankin’-new Pro Mod, and Jerry Bickel Race Cars is one of those directions. Team Desert Demons Racing’s Saud Alzabin hooked up with Bickel to spec out a killer ’67 Shelby Mustang that uses the latest in technology to create one of the nicest, if not the nicest, Pro Mods you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

The Kuwait-based machine makes use of one of DiSomma Race Engines‘ latest twin-turbo, methanol-injected 526 Hemi powerplants stuffed inside the state-of-the-art chassis and is expected to run at the forefront of the Pro Mod class. Bickel made extensive use of titanium where possible throughout the car’s construction, delivering Saud one of the lightest turbo Pro Mods in the world.

The ’67 Shelby carbon-fiber body comes from Tim McAmis Race Cars, while the red hue on the car’s flanks comes from the 1996 Ferrari Formula Rosso and stops you in your tracks. Anthony DiSomma, Rich and Nick Bruder, Jeff and Jerry from DiSomma Racing and Dave Hance are all on the “thanks list” from Saud, and Abdullah Alshatti gets the credit for the superb wiring job.

“I took the car to the dyno and created a baseline tune running on low boost. The motor was perfect and ran smoothly to 9100 RPM. We made around 1,800 RWHP at only 14.1 PSI, and should make no less than 4,000 at 55-60 PSI. Thanks to Big Daddy for letting us use his dyno,” says Alzabin. 

The car will be raced in the US throughout 2014, so expect to see it at a Pro Mod race near you. Pro Mod racing seems to be getting a big boost (no pun intended) these days thanks to cars like this one – we can’t wait to see what the 2014 season has in store for Team Desert Demons.