With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Chris Cervenka and the team at CJ Pony Parts helped to make a dream a reality for one very special four year old Mustang enthusiast named Caleb Cook. Caleb, who has suffered from congenital heart problems since his birth, has endured surgeries, medications, and ongoing visits to the doctor’s office, gained a passion for the Mustang. Via social media and the Mustang community, Cervenka became aware of Caleb’s situation.

At the time, he was in the process of planning the Eastern Shore Cruise, which took place this past weekend, and realized that he wanted to help Caleb in some way, so he opened up the Cruise-In for donations to Make-A-Wish in Caleb’s honor. The cruise-in also included a car show, exhaust contest, and top Mustang awards. Nearly 30 Mustangs were in attendance, and CJ Pony Parts and Stang Magazine donated trophies to the event resulting in $476 in donations. The hope is to double those numbers next year.

Caleb was also celebrating his fourth birthday, so in hopes of continuing to make Caleb’s Mustang dream a reality, Cervenka and the CJ Pony Parts family invited Caleb and his family out to CJ’s as their special guests for a visit and full tour. As part of the tour, there were more than twenty five Mustangs lined up for Caleb to check out–and he even got to ride in some of them. It was a fun filled day; like a pro, Caleb also participated in a video assisting CJ’s “Video Guy”, Bill Tumas in the install of a set of MGP caliper covers on a 2015 V6 Mustang.

Cervenka says everything went well and it was great to be able to enlist both the Eastern Shore Cruise and the help of his employer, CJ Pony Parts, to give back to the community and to help make Caleb’s Mustang dreams a reality. Caleb will also be making his way to Mustang Week in July to help fulfill his Mustang passion.