BMR Suspension has been taking the lead with 2015 Mustang suspension design, bringing prototype parts to the PRI show last winter, and streaming them out to the public this spring. BMR doesn’t just design parts and say they’ll work, it actually installs them on test cars, and takes them out to the real world, stressing the parts the way enthusiasts will, before they’re ever released to the public.

We’ve already shown you some of BMR’s solutions for stopping wheel hop on the independent rear suspension in the 2015 Mustang. Those parts are well suited for a number of enthusiasts, and while BMR is well known by drag racing enthusiasts for some of the fastest stock suspension cars with polyurethane bushings on the planet, it also builds some killer parts for those of us who also like to go around corners in our Mustangs.

BMR recently demonstrated the performance of those parts at Sebring International raceway. The onboard cameras demonstrate the effectiveness of this particular 2015 Mustang GT. BMR outfitted the car both with cameras to show where the car is going, and also under the car to show the suspension at work.

This particular car is wearing BMR’s adjustable sway bars, adjustable toe rods, and billet vertical links. it is also outfitted with BMR’s cradle and differential bushings, spherical rear lower control arm bushings, and chassis jacking rails. There’s also a set of Viking’s crusader double adjustable rear shocks, HRE wheels, and Hoosier race tires to complete the package.

The video demonstrates how fast and flat the car is, and BMR’s parts solve one of our biggest gripes about the 2015 Mustang -even the Performance pack versions, the softness of the suspension. The higher durometer and spherical bushings reduce deflection, and allow for flatter, faster handling. The sway bars help control body roll and motion, while the adjustable rear toe links allow not only better handling characteristics but the ability for owners to dial in the precise rear suspension setting for toe they want.

Jacking rails of course are also a nice additional, allowing owners to raise the car from nearly any point along the side of the car, without worry of smashing a pinch-weld, or having to reach out to the subframe. This is helpful on any lowered car.

Crank up the volume, sit back and enjoy this video, and if you want better suspension performance out of your 2015, get with the experts at BMR to order the parts you need.