Girls and cars, cars and girls, both can be beautiful, drive you crazy, or make you fall in love. We’re convinced that there are more pictures of babes posing with cars on the Internet than any other category of picture on the planet, and for good reason; us car guys love a beautiful lady posing with an awesome car.

But you know what is even cooler? When said babe can drive the car, and drive it fast. This next video from our friends at Hightech Corvette showcases a lovely lady by the name of Kat having a photoshoot done next to a brand new Boss 302 Mustang. Then she hops into the driver’s seat to rocket down the drag strip a few times, and we have to say, this girl can drive.

The video starts out how so many car videos do; a beautiful lady standing, sitting, and posing with a Boss 302 Mustang. But the video quickly shifts gears to the drag strip, where Kat can be seen in the driver’s seat of the same Boss. As it turns out, this girl can rock the stick shift as well as any guy, and she turned in some pretty impressive times to boot.

In fact, her best run down the track was a 12.59 @ 119 mph, which is not far off what the pros at magazines like Motor Trend and Edmunds can do. There is something extra-sexy about a woman who knows how to handle a stick shift, don’t you agree?