As the above video describes, BBK Performance Parts has a complete line of S550 Mustang Coyote 5.0 components that improve breathing all the way from the cold-air intake air filter to the tips of the axle- or cat- back exhaust system.

BBK has been synonymous with quality EFI street-performance parts for modern Ford cars and trucks since its beginning in 1988. Brothers Brian and Ken Murphy designed and developed aftermarket air-intake systems and performance throttle bodies for the then newly fuel-injected Fox-body 5.0 Mustangs that came along in 1986.

Back 30 years ago, many didn’t yet know what an air intake or throttle body was because people were just learning about modern day EFI performance that Detroit had begun to produce.

Today, many younger car lovers have only grown up on computer-controlled fuel injection and haven’t really driven a carburetor-equipped car.


Jumping ahead, we once owned a 4.6-liter three-valve S197 Mustang GT about 10 years ago that was equipped and tested with BBK pieces on it and it ran quite well. Dyno results showed it picking up more than 30-rear-wheel horsepower with just a throttle-body, a cold-air kit and a set of underdrive pulleys.

Now with the Coyote 5.0 taking center stage in the word of late-model Mustang performance, the results are even better.

Starting with the company’s cold-air intake systems, there are also a number of throttle body options, both tuned- and full- length headers, as well as both axle- and cat- back exhaust systems. In that order, let’s take a look.

Cold-Air Intake Systems

BBK’s S550 Mustang GT CAI kit improves airflow, horsepower and torque output on ’15-’17 Coyote 5.0s.

The setup is optimized to work with the car’s factory computer settings and in-house dyno testing on an otherwise stock S550 Coyote has shown real-world gains of around 14-17 horsepower at the wheels in the low and mid range.


This level of performance with the stock tune is achieved with a custom integral mass-air housing which is machined and inserted into a new mandrel-bent intake tube that has a factory mass air calibration.

According to BBK, its cold-air intake systems flow up to 75 percent more air over stock intakes for definite performance gains compared to restrictive factory intake systems.

Throttle Bodies

BBK’s Performance Power Plus Series throttle bodies for S550 Coyotes provide an 8-12-wheel horsepower gain and are a direct replacement for the factory unit. The new 356 aluminum casting is CNC machined and assembled with all new components.

BBK has done extensive R&D with late-model Ford electronic (drive-by-wire) throttle bodies to produce a top-quality piece. Both 85mm or 90mm applications fit S550 5.0s and also F-Series Trucks with a Coyote-based 5.0. There are also applications for the 2.3-liter EcoBoost and V6 Mustangs.


The 1 3/4-inch short tuned-length headers (left) for S550 Coyotes are a direct fit replacement and they reuse the factory OEM catalytic converter. The design is constructed with CNC mandrel-bent tubing and solid 3/8-inch laser-cut exhaust flanges to prevent heat distortion. Initial testing has showing gains of around 14-16 horsepower at the wheels with these headers. They’re available in chrome or polished-silver ceramic finishes

The full-length headers (right) are available with both a 1 3/4-inch long tube for slightly modified applications and the 1 7/8-inch for supercharged, nitrous or turbo applications.

The full-length design also has CNC mandrel-bent tubing and solid 3/8-inch laser cut exhaust flanges.

Initial testing has shown gains of around 20-22-plus-wheel horsepower with the high flow catted X-pipe and BBK will have an off road H-pipe version available for added power gains.

The full-length headers are available in three different finishes: full chrome, polished-silver ceramic or stainless steel


Exhaust Systems

The S550 Coyote Varitune axle- (left) and cat- (right) back exhaust systems offer a unique option that allows you to tune it to sound and perform how you would like.

These new systems offer full tunability using BBK’s patented adjustable Varitune power valve. The systems come complete with two patented tunable Varitune performance mufflers to adjust sound and airflow so you can decide how loud or quiet you want the car to sound.

All kits are engineered and built with CNC mandrel-bent aluminized steel tubing for unrestricted exhaust flow and all kits are a direct fit to the factory exhaust and include all hardware required for a bolt-on installation.

The setup includes a pair of BBK-patented adjustable Varitune performance mufflers and a resonator-delete X-pipe. The X-pipe included with the cat-back systems adds additional performance and produces a more aggressive sound.

So as you can see, BBK has S550 Coyote owners covered with top-quality intake and exhaust components. And items like the 90mm throttle body and full-length headers are a great addition to turbo or supercharged cars to further optimize forced-induction applications for the street or the track.