Right now most of America is experiencing what you might call “autumn”, where the warm weather is pushed out by the Canadian cold. But some of the southern and western parts of the country are still plenty warm, especially the studios American Muscle used to shoot the photos for its annual calendar of sexy cars and sexier girls.

American Muscle just released its annual behind-the-scenes calendar shoot video, where we get a preview at the Mustangs and the ladies who will grace the 2014 calendar. Any early favorites?

Because American Muscle deals strictly with “modern era” Mustangs, none of these cars are much older than the girls posing with them, and most of them are fairly fresh from the factory. There are more than a few Fox-body Mustangs on hand, including a couple of droptops and two-tone notchback whose owner originally brought it into the shop for just a couple of bolt-on modifications.

But let’s be honest, the only reason any of us care about this video or calendar is because of the beautiful women, of whom there are plenty to choose from. No matter what kinda ladies you like, there’s a little bit of everything on tap here, just like the cars, and it’s hard to pick just one favorite. We’ll take one of each. Cars, that is.