The holidays will be here soon, and the mad scramble for gifts is already in full swing. Buying a present for a Mustang enthusiast can be hard. Sure, just about everything there is has at one point been emblazoned with the Mustang logo, but these items can be expensive or even frivolous. How do you get your Mustang fan a present that is fun, practical, and affordable?

Well we have the answer for you…in video form! American Muscle has just released this “teaser” video of their 2013 calendar photo shoot, and it is everything a Mustang man wants in a gift.

That said, we wouldn’t recommend putting this calendar on your wish list from your wife or girlfriend (unless she’s cool with that sort of thing). At just over a minute in length, the American Muscle calendar photoshoot features all sorts of modern Mustangs, from Fox-bodies on up.

Speaky of foxy bodies, these Mustangs aren’t alone in the photo shoot, as many a scantily-clad babe can be seen posing next to or on these Mustangs. From the contemporary Boss 302 to some classic custom Mustangs, Ford’s pony car is well represented…and so are the ladies.

This video has it all if you ask us. Priced at $19.99, it’s affordable, useful (for you know, knowing what day it is), and definitely fun.