Accel probably isn’t a company that most people first think of when it comes to fuel injectors; however, the high performance ignition company has successfully branched out into digital fuel injection systems, injectors, and other fuel system components in recent years. One of the latest releases from the company is a new EV6 pencil-style injector.

Accel’s EV1 widebody injectors found a solid following in the early LS engines, most specifically the LS1 and LS6 engines built from 1997-2004. Most of the older style EV1 injectors were low impedance injectors with fat body styles to generate less heat by the moving internal parts when operated at peak signals. These lower impedance injectors would outperform the higher impedance injectors at higher flow rates and longer duty cycles.{ad:BLOCK}

Accel EV6 pencil style injector.

The higher impedance and skinnier EV6 pencil-style injectors that are used in later LS engines, specifically the LS2, LS3, LS7, LS9, and L76 engines.

These newer engine platforms are able to take advantage of the newer design injectors with tighter manufacturing tolerances and lighter internal parts to outperform the older low impedance injectors.

Accel’s new EV6 pencil style injectors are manufactured to take advantage of the modern fuel injection technology with high impedance injectors that can repeat the shorter pulse widths consistently, which ultimately provides part throttle and idle characteristics that are desirable for performance and efficiency.

While a factory engine management system will only be able to drive one type of injector, many aftermarket ECUs are able to drive both low and high impedance injectors, in which case the tuner should be able to explain which type is best for your application.{ad:BLOCK}