Each of the big three manufactures in the United States produces some type of pickup truck, and at some point there have been modern performance trucks offered, whether it was the Silverado SS, the V12-powered Ram, or the SVT Ford Lighting pickup. The Ford Lighting, in particular, has a hardcore following, and the owners really like to show off what their trucks can do. At the recent 2013 HPT Shootout in Houston, the hard working guys at www.1320video.com found a 1,200-horsepower Lighting laying down some single digit passes.

LightingThe Ford Lighting is based on the workhorse F-150 that Ford is known for. The Lighting was first introduced in 1993, and offered upgraded suspension for better handling along with some different badges. In 1999, Ford decided to really turn up the performance and appearance appeal of the Lighting. The truck started to roll off the assembly line with an Eaton supercharger strapped to the top of the 5.4 liter motor, which boosted the power to 360 horses and 440 ft/lbs. of torque in stock form. In 2001 the Lighting got a better intake to make even more power, an aluminum drive shaft, Bilstein shocks, and 3.73 gears out back.

The truck in 1320’s video is a built-to-the-hilt Lighting that really hauls the mail. A 331 cubic inch motor still sits under the hood of the truck, and some very nice ported and polished Trickflow heads help the truck build good power. The bottom end of the motor is built, and it needs to be so it can support the Precision Industries billet 82mm turbo. This combo produces a pavement-punishing 1,280 horsepower at 30 pounds of boost. The truck has been a best of [email protected] when its set on kill. In this video the truck is only tuned up for 22 pounds of boost and runs a nice [email protected] Thanks to 1320 Video for finding this amazing truck and putting together a killer video.