A combination of stellar design, ingenious marketing, and perfect timing enabled the Ford Mustang to become a surprise hit, selling more than a million units in its first 18 months on the market. But as big of a hit as it was, no one expected the Mustang to still be in production, 50 years later, and as popular than ever.

As part of the Mustang’s 50th anniversary, Ford turned its cameras in the direction of the many clubs across the world that make up this pony car’s massive fan-base.

The video is hosted by Ford’s marketing chief, Jim Owens, who discusses how the Mustang has clubs established on every continent, in almost every country. It is Europe’s most-wanted classic car, and here in America every major city and state has a Mustang club. People have dedicated their whole lives and car collections to the Mustang, and the car becomes more than just a car to people.

After several interviews with enthusiastic Mustang fans, it becomes clear that this is a car with a wide-reaching appeal among both men and women. The Mustang is a car that rich and poor, young and old, man or woman can appreciate. Not many cars can claim such universal appeal, and we’re sure the next Mustang will carry on that tradition.