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Video: A Behind The Scenes Look At QA1’s Manufacturing Facility

Mass-producing quality parts isn’t an easy task. It can take years of process development and testing to get it right, and QA1 [1] is a company that has done the homework and made the investment in knowledge and equipment to make great parts for racers and enthusiasts at every level. Company President Melissa Scoles recently gave customers a guide video tour of QA1’s impressive manufacturing facility so we can see how all the magic happens behind the scenes.

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QA1 was started in 1993 by Scoles’ father, Jim Jordan, with a focus on rod ends. QA1 has since expanded to include shocks, suspension components, carbon fiber driveshafts, and a range of other products. The company currently operates out of a massive 85,000 square manufacturing space in Minnesota, where they produce products for everything from street cars to race cars and even industrial applications.

One of the first stops on the tour is the massive CNC area that’s filled with state-of-the-art machines that can do a variety of tasks. QA1 utilizes these machines to make shock parts and suspension items. Scoles gives some great detail on what they produce all here in the United States in the video.

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In the part of the tour we get a peek at the composites lab; this is where QA1 designs and fabricates all of their tubes for every carbon fiber driveshaft they offer. The company worked with 3M to come up with a super-strong specific blend of material for their products. Some of the drive shafts have an SFI rating so they can be used in hardcore drag racing competition.

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As part of the tour, you get to see how QA1 goes through their shock assembly process. The tour video shows just how detail oriented QA1 is and how precise their processes are for each shock they build, with specific machines to ensure the shocks are filled with fluid correctly and later dyno tested.

Be sure you check out the entire video where Scoles also gives us a glimpse of the R&D, fabrication, and quality testing areas of QA1’s complex!