Aftermarket tuning shops can make building uber-powerful cars look easy. But those brief dyno videos do not include the months of painstaking work, weeks of tuning, and the many lost days spending waiting and researching parts. And that’s just here in America, where parts are never more than a week away. If you are trying to build a supercar in some international backwater, you better be patient.

This video from YouTube shows the slow-but-steady progress of a 2005-2009 Shelby GT500 as it slowly goes from a 550 horsepower factory muscle car to a 1,000 horsepower Chevy-killer. And this video comes from the land of oil and sand, i.e. Saudi Arabia. At least they appreciate the sheer badassery that is the Shelby GT500.

We have little in the way of details on this ride, but you can rest assured that it has all kinds of crazy upgrades, chief among them a bigger supercharger. The video follows the tuning crew as they slowly but surely increase the horsepower, from 550 to over 800 ponies on pump gas, thanks in large part to Kenne Bell supercharger.

The ultimate goal is to build a 1,000 rear-wheel horsepower GT500, and the Saudi tuning shop is certainly well on its way. They next plan to bump up the boost and throw in some racing fuel to see what sorts of gains they can see. And from there, who knows? One thing the Saudis don’t have to worry about is oil prices. But they will have to worry about this beastly Shelby crushing all the competition.