Ford designed the 2015 Mustang as a completely new platform from the ground up. The car isn’t an evolution of the outgoing S197 chassis, but rather a revolution since it’s an entirely new vehicle. Ever-increasing government crash standards, combined with the car going global meant that the Mustang would need to feature a myriad of safety features.

The S550 Mustang features twice the number of airbags as the 2014 model. This includes all new front passenger airbags including knee bags. There’s a slew of airbags in the car, including side curtains.

The car is also available with a myriad of additional safety features to help drivers avoid a crash. This includes available adaptive cruise control, blind spot information system with cross traffic warning, and more. That’s in addition to the advanced ABS and stability control systems that come standard on the car.

While some purists may lament the addition of so many electronic aides, and that all of this adds weight, it has made the 2015 model the safest Mustang in history. The car was recently awarded a 5-star overall rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This included frontal, side, and roll over tests. This is the highest rating a Mustang has ever received.

Watching the crash test videos make us cringe a little, but it’s interesting to see how the car performs in a crash. None of us want to ever be involve din a crash in our Mustangs, but it’s nice to know that if you are, the 2015 has plenty of features to help you walk away.