The 2015 Mustang brought with it a change in just about every performance part that enthusiasts are accustomed to bolting on to their Mustangs. The all new chassis along with engine revisions to the 5.0 also meant that much of what worked for the 2014 model year, won’t work for 2015.

Long tube headers have been a popular modification for decades on all manner of high performance cars. Lately, Coyote powered engines seem to be taking the best advantage of these, and paying off in big horsepower dividends when it comes to header swaps. For years, hardcore Mustang enthusiasts have gone to Kooks Headers for exhaust parts that look like jewelry, fit as intended, and perform as promised.

Kooks has brought to market a variety of products for the 2015 5.0, including a full selection of exhaust components. Options include with or without catalytic converters and a variety of tubing sizes.

The video above was produced by ProDyno, and it appears it has installed a set of Kooks stainless steel long tubes, along with Kooks full length exhaust system. The car also received a JLT cold air intake and tune.

Pro Dyno baselined the car at 379.8 hp and 364.2 lb-ft of torque at the rear tires. After it was done the car was putting down 445.9 hp and 390.4 lb-ft. While the CAI and tune no doubt helped some, there’s a lot to be said for the gains from the long tubes. In all this was a total gain of 67.1 hp and 26.2 lb-ft. Not bad for these mods, and certainly a strong naturally aspirated contender.

Then of course there’s the sound. Fortunately, the video eventually ditches the Nirvana soundtrack they chose to insert, and allows us all to enjoy the sound of the engine both on the dyno, and as the car drives away.

Whether this owner leaves the car stock, or chooses to do more upgrades later, the Kooks exhaust system will pave the way for them to be able to continue modifying the car into the future.