Ford’s Cobra Jet program has reinvigorated the world of stock drag racing for Ford fans and racers. The platform has given Mustang racers an outstanding foundation for a turn key racer or more. It has also reignited the muscle car wars within sportsman and professional level drag racing with Dodge, and Chevy both answering the cries of their respective fans with drag related products of their own.

We’ve never personally seen one of these cars on a dyno and have often wondered what the outcome of such testing would be. We know the cars sound wicked, and make incredible power. We recently came across a dyno video of a 2014 Cobra Jet being dyno tested somewhere in Arizona. It appears the dyno may have even been outdoors, and the notes on the story indicate that it was a very hot day.

The supercharged Coyote mill under the snake’s hood is an impressive piece fortified with some of the best pats from the Ford Racing catalog. Then there’s the sound, it is astounding to hear how loud, and violent, one of these cars is on the dyno, a reminder of the brutal eight-second ETs they’re capable of on the drag strip.

The notes and description on the video state that this particular car made 835 hp to the rear tires. We’re assuming this is in “as delivered” configuration. There’s no way for us to be certain on what if any changes were made, and without knowing the class the car competes in we can’t be certain of what changes are allowed to the combination.

We’re also anxiously awaiting the next build of the all new Cobra Jet based on the S550 chassis. Ford has said the body in white is lighter than the outgoing 2014, it’s the IRS and other tech that have added weight. We’ll see what tricks the Blue Oval has in store for those cars.