When it comes to Mustangs, no one is more well known in the drift world than Vaughn Gittin Jr. Why? Well, its undoubtedly because of his insane talents behind the wheel of any car, especially his current Mustang RTR drift car. Check out what we mean in the video from MagnaFlow above, and be sure to turn up those speakers.

magnaflow_vaughn_gittin_drift_2th="640" height="290">Gittin was recently at the Rudskogen Motorpark in Norway, competing in the famed Gatebil drift festival in mid-July. To do so, Gittin brought out his fantastic RTR car, which has been equipped with a boisterous MagnaFlow exhaust, and there’s no denying its glorious chorus as Gittin takes to the Gatebil track.

Gittin has made a name for himself in the drift world by pushing both the limits of his driving and of his car to reach new heights in the industry behind the wheel of his fifth-generation Mustang. Having recently completed Round 5 of the 7-round Formula DRIFT season, Gittin currently sits in third place as the highest ranked domestic car driver for the year.

magnaflow_vaughn_gittin_drift_4th="640" height="290">At Gatebil, Gittin placed 10th overall, tying for 7th place in points, and was the only American driver to place in the competition. But the thrill of this video isn’t about Gittin’s placement. Rather, it’s about the pure talent of the driver, awesome footage of his run and the amazing sound that a MagnaFlow exhaust makes mixed with squealing tires mid-drift.

magnaflow_vaughn_gittin_driftth="640" height="290">It’s the middle of the week and you’ve probably still got a few days of work ahead of you. So go ahead and take a quick break, and enjoy the fantastic combination that is Vaughn Gittin Jr., Mustang, MagnaFlow and Gatebil!