As you know, it’s not easy to get a new Ford GT. Not only do you need the fat cash to afford one, but Ford also has to deem you worthy to own one of its elite supercars. If anyone has earned that honor, it is Vaughn Gittin Jr. Not only has the Professional Fun Haver represented the Blue Oval on tracks across the world, he is an affable ambassador for the company’s machines.

This is the most impressive car that I have ever driven. — Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Not one to be satisfied with stock, Vaughn owns a special Ford GT. Custom-sprayed in Leadfoot Gray it rolls on RTR Aero 5 Wheels measuring 20×9.5 in front an 20×12 in back. This supercar is definitely ready to rock. (Photo Credit: RTR Vehicles)

“The goal of getting the Ford GT was not only because it was a lifelong dream of mine to own a supercar, but because I wanted to share the amazing Ford GT experience, which has changed my perspective of what a car is capable of,” Vaughn explained. “This is the most impressive car that I have ever driven.”

Via his expansive social media reach, Vaughn shared what it was like to order, drive, and even track the EcoBoost-powered supercar. The result is a three-video mini series that let’s us go along for the ride in his custom, Leadfoot Gray Ford GT. From ordering it to driving it on the backroads to giving thrill rides at Gridlife South, these videos document his early experiences in the car.

Of course, don’t expect that these clips will be the last you’ll see of Vaughn’s Ford GT. He is promising more videos in the future, so stay tuned.

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