Our friend Brent White, of Brenspeed fame, said it best folks. Imagine planning for several years that you’re going to build your dream car, and you drive more than 500 miles to get it built, and it takes several days to finish the job. Next thing you know, you’re on the highway headed back to your humble abode, enjoying your freshly-built ’Stang, and the most unfortunate thing happens — it is T-boned and totaled!

That’s exactly what happened to the owner of this 4.6-liter 2010 Mustang. Brent says the owner drove more than 500 miles to have some serious work completed on the car. The build commenced with a Brenspeed B326 stroker short-block, followed by a host of new go-fast goodies.

Incredibly, the all-new mill from Brenspeed was left untouched by the crash.

Atop the short-block Brenspeed added an Edelbrock TVS supercharger, a full Kooks exhaust and a completely built drivetrain consisting of a new clutch assembly and a built rearend. As Brent detailed, the owner’s insurance company determined they wanted to rebuild the car. But Ford new better and declined. So, what does one do in a situation like this? Skip the rebuild, perhaps?

Well, with an undamaged long-block and perhaps untouched headers, the owner has purchased another 2010 Mustang GT convertible. Brenspeed plans to reuse all of the “big-money” items on the new car, and hopefully rebuild some of the smaller stuff that might have suffered damage from the crash. He hopes to get the owner on the road and cruising by this summer.

Sounds like a reasonably obtainable goal, but then again, the owner is lucky to have a Three-Valve guru like Brent on the case. Godspeed!