Imagine finding an original, 1970 Mach 1, 428 cubic-inch Super Cobra Jet, Drag Pack Mustang with less than 60,000 actual miles on it. That was Kevin Boyer’s dream car, and that’s exactly what he found and was able to purchase. The car sat — untouched and unmoved — for more than two decades when he met the owner and was able to purchase this car. The owner, Terry Fluke, had been sitting on the car for that hole time, just waiting for the right person to come along and buy it.

It's a little dusty and a little dirty, but you would be too if you’d been sitting in a barn for 20-plus years! All things considered, this car is in incredible condition!

If I was to go back in time to 1970 and order this car brand new, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. — Kevin Boyer

Terry bought it in 1996 and has only put one mile on the car the entire time he owned it. He bought it, drove it from his house to his barn, parked it, and left it there in hibernation. Over the years, he’s had many people come looking for the car, asking to see the car, and even calling from far away and out of state asking to buy it. He wouldn’t show it to anyone. Even his 11-year old daughter didn’t know that the car was out there. For Terry, it was a matter of holding onto it until the right person came along; a person who would appreciate it for what it was and love it rather than just try to flip it. That person, was Kevin Boyer.

Imagine peeling back the car cover to find this underneath. What a feeling that would be!


No Coincidence

The family was recently struck with tragedy when the father of Cash, the 10-year old boy featured in the video, lost his father a few months ago. His father, John, was a big Mustang guy and John and Kevin restored a 1966 GT for Cash. Today, Kevin believes that John played a hand in helping him find this car through a form of divine intervention. Kevin says that there are just too many coincidences in him finding this car for it to be just luck.

Cash and his dad, John, years ago when they restored Cash’s future Mustang.

“If I was to go back in time to 1970 and order this car brand new, I wouldn’t change a thing about it,” Kevin said. “Not one thing.”

Every detail about it and every option is exactly what he would have wanted. To Kevin, that’s just too perfect for it to be random luck. That’s a big part of why he believes that John had a hand at helping him find this car through divine intervention. With Kevin, Cash, Stacy, and the whole group there looking at the car, they know that John is with them there as well.


Old Blue

Terry gave it the name Old Blue and had been calling it all these years, and Kevin came up with the same name on his own after seeing the car for the first time. It’s blue with blue interior, so it works well with the car, but it can’t be just a coincidence that both owners came up with the exact same name. Cash even calls it Bluetiful, and says that it’s more beautiful than the sky.

This 1970 Mach 1 was optioned and setup for performance. It features the correct, original 428 cubic-inch Super Cobra Jet engine, a four-speed manual transmission, rear window louvers, plus front and rear spoilers. It’s also a true Shaker car, and it has all the options associated with a true Drag Pack car.

First time out of the garage in more than 20 years! Is this a bigger day for the car, or the people that rescued it from its long hibernation?

This has to be one of the coolest barn-finds that we’ve ever seen. It’s nearly rust-free and it’s so clean inside and out that it probably doesn’t really need a full restoration. This is the kind of car that would look amazing with just a thorough detailing job. Even when they just first rolled it out of the barn, it looked like it just needs a good bath and a fresh tank of fuel to be ready to take to the streets.

The crew that brought the car out stand proudly in front of the happy Mach 1, ready to see the road again!