Each transmission that is tested, goes through each gear on the spin machine to make sure everything works as it should.

Quality control is one aspect of a business that employees cannot afford to overlook. If your product goes downhill, so do sales. The folks at Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) are serious about quality, and they showed us just one aspect of the testing they do to assure high quality parts are delivered to enthusiasts.

SST is full of experienced company members, and its engineering, sales, and technical staff, provides a combined 75 years of experience. With so many knowledgeable employees and such high standards of quality, it’s no wonder the PerfectFit line of transmissions has been installed under the floor of more classic cars and trucks than any other on the market.


It’s no secret that SST modifies Tremec five and six-speed transmissions so they fit in classic cars, trucks and street rods, but did you ever wonder how they make sure those modification don’t interfere with the way the transmission works? Again, quality control insures that every unit is tested for leaks, and many are spin tested to ensure they are not overly noisy and will deliver the performance expected.

“The spin stand is just as it sounds, a spin test. It does not put a load on the transmission, so no clutching is required. We use this to listen for any abnormal noises (compared to known good units), and check for upshift/downshift function,” said Jeff Kauffman of Silver Sport Transmissions.


“We do not spin all units; the main purpose of the stand is for verifying function after service or repairs have been performed. The spin stand has a range of 1-4,000 rpm, but that could relate to as much as 13,080 rpm at the input shaft since it spins the trans from the rear.”

So, when you receive a gearbox or complete PerfectFit kit, you can be confident that they have comprehensively tested a lot of transmissions to ensure optimal performance. SST is keeping the classics alive, while also looking to the future. Attaining the company’s quality standards with the help of testing the product helps it bring you the best performing, fitting, and durable products on the market.


The input shaft could spin as fast as 13,080 rpm during testing. We’re sure your engine won’t run things that hard.

In fact, SST is so sure about the quality of its products that the company has expanded its warranty to 36-months coverage from the invoice date. That’s two years longer than the factory warranty from Tremec. What’s more, it’s the longest coverage in the industry. SST is well equipped to handle any needed warranty repairs or troubleshooting.

Everyone at SST is proud of what they represent: American pride, open roads, family, and great memories. “Our promise to you is nothing less than the highest quality products, customer service, and integrity. It’s the classic way of doing business, and it’s what you can expect from Silver Sport Transmissions.