Owners of the 2012 Boss 302 have been waiting for what feels like forever to many for Ford to finally release the TracKey tune. TracKey was expected to arrive along with the cars when they landed earlier this year. That didn’t happen though and Ford has only this month announced that the TracKey will be available for users as of early November.

Just as Boss 302 owners were getting ready to start singing the praises of TracKey after months of waiting with no details from Ford other than it was trying to get CARB approval the other TracKey shoe drops. Buried in the fine print of the TracKey details is the little factoid about the factory warranty on the car.

The normal powertrain warranty on the Boss 302 is 5-years/60,000 miles. Once you install TracKey, the warranty drops to 3-years/36,000 miles. This is the first anyone has mentioned the warranty would be changed by installing the TracKey. Ford Racing has said that they don’t expect any issues from the calibration. Boss 302 owners are understandably upset by the last minute warranty change after months of waiting. That’s not the only bad news for Boss 302 fans today.

There are a bunch of unhappy Canuks that purchased Boss 302 cars in their native country right now. One of the big selling points of the Boss 302 was that each buyer was eligible to take a racing course at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah as part of the purchase. The track event was called the Boss Track Attack.

The goal of the event was to teach their Boss 302 owner what their car was capable of and get them ready to race the car at local track days with more skill and safety. There have been a number of Canadian Boss 302 owners that were gearing up to head to Utah for their track time. One Canadian Boss 302 owner has now been told that he can’t attend.

According to an email received by the Canadian owner for the folks hosting the event, none of the Boss 302 cars that were sold in Canada are eligible for the Track Attack. The reason is one of money, according to the Canadian owner the reason given was that Ford Canada didn’t cough up any money to help pay for the track event. This is not good news for Canadian owners at all.