We’ve had numerous articles covering Mike Murillo and the Murillo Motorsports team over the years, but this is probably the most unique. Over the winter, the Murillo Motorsports team swapped the car from gasoline to methanol and subsequently topped 2,200 rear-wheel horsepower on the Murillo Motorsports chassis dyno. 

In preparation for the upcoming season — where Murillo plans to compete with a number of sanctioning bodies at various venues — he decided it was time to freshen the engine to get ready.

That’s where these badass videos come into play. Put together by Skull Crusher Adventures‘ Javier Padron, the pair of videos shows off just what goes into refreshing a six-second twin-turbocharged machine’s heart to get ready for racing season. 

The engine teardown, which Murillo says took him approximately two hours, has been condensed into a blinding near-four minutes of fury, shot with a Canon T3i SLR camera. Each fastener is broken loose by hand and inspected upon removal, as the alcohol fuel is a bit harder on parts than the gasoline Murillo is used to running on Lafawnduh.

Murillo does a bit of mugging for the camera, but for most of both videos he’s head-down doin’ his thing. The engine comes apart all the way to the short-block — and make sure you stick around ’til the very end.

The Rebuild

The re-assembly process, which takes much longer, has been condensed down into 5 minutes and 43 seconds of fun. It’s amazing to watch Murillo work on his machine, and it gives you a small glimpse into what it takes to not only be competitive at the racetrack with a low six-second-capable machine, but also the level of work that happens back at home in between events, away from the prying eyes of the press.

We hope you enjoyed this videos as much as we did – it’s a unique look into the program of one of the most successful heads-up racers of all time.