Choosing a clutch can be confusing, but with the help of Centerforce, some confusion can be alleviated.

It’s hard to believe that another Thursday has already crept-up on us, and is teasing us about the impending end of another week. If you’re like me, you’ve already planned what you’ll be working on this weekend. If those plans do not involve wrenching, maybe you are ordering parts or just want to learn something. We can help with that. Once again, we celebrate another editorial look-back, and jump into the way back machine to open the Power Automedia vault that houses our vast collection of articles and revisit another great informational piece.


Centerforce offers clutches for more than 1,700 applications.

In this Throwback Thursday, we’re taking a step back to June 2012. That’s when we got a personal lesson from Will Baty of Centerforce. We’ve had a countless number of conversations with Will about clutches, and in this article, he stresses the importance of choosing a clutch for the way you intend to drive most of the time. We’re certain you will enjoy this editorial trip back in time. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at: Centerforce Tech Review: Choosing The Right Clutch.


Centerforce’s claim to fame is the patented weighed-clutch technology. And when you add Dual Friction to the equation, you have a very effective clutch design.

In the original article, Will talks us through how clutches have evolved, and why choosing the proper clamping device is more difficult than ever. For instance, did you know that Centerforce offers several clutch designs that are perfect for different applications? That’s why this article is so helpful. It will explain what application each Centerforce performance-clutch is best suited.

You might not realize what all needs to be considered when selecting a clutch, and taking a look back at the original article can make sure that you are fully equipped with the information you need to choose wisely. So, check out the original article. You’ll be glad you did. You will surely gather a lot of information about Centerforce, and for that reason, I thought this a great piece for this week’s Throwback Thursday flashback. To find out how more, check out; Centerforce Tech Review: Choosing The Right Clutch.