The small-block-Ford engine and the Fox Mustang platform go together like movies and popcorn. It’s a tried-and-true combination for just about every racing series you can imagine – especially drag racing. Whether it’s an eighth mile or 1,320 feet, Foxes have dominated the drag strip since the ’80s, and things really haven’t changed since.

It’s why Blue Oval enthusiasts like Cody Jones in the video above, choos to run a small-block Ford-powered Fox. Cody runs a massive 98mm turbocharger feeding an robust, 420-cube engine built by Morgan & Son Racing Engines out of Grand Prairie, Texas. He is a contender in an array of small tire events such as the Redemption, Texas’ Original No-Prep Series.

Cody proves that the Fox platform is a Mustang that just keeps on going, too. In the Small-Tire Semi-Final event in the video above, Cody goes up against a nitrous-injected, third-generation Camaro, and takes a pretty substantial hit just past the 330-foot mark. The two cars traded paint, as he details.

“I could kind of see him, but I didn’t know he was in a wheelie,” Cody said. “And when mine got loose, I said to myself, ‘Yep, we’re done.’ — he was right there.”

While there was a small amount of damage done to the driver’s side fender and door, Cody said he drove the car down the track, and it ran just fine. We wouldn’t call this mishap a wreck per se, but it surely wasn’t easy on his Fox, either.